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Agile / Scrum Training

I am an Agile/ Scrum and SAFe trainer (SPC) offering the following courses:

  • Agile/ Scrum foundation
  • Scrum Master Training – prep for PSM I and PSM II
  • BGST Leading SAFe 5.1: SAFe in begrijpelijke taal

Agile/ Scrum foundation (1 day)
This is more an Experience rather than a Training, where participants learn with gamefication what Scrum is – and how to use it.

Scrum Master training
After completing the Scrum Master training, you will be able to pass the PSMI Exam and receive lots of Practical Guides from my own experience as a Scrum Master.

BGST Leading SAFe 5.1
With my Dutch colleagues Henk van der Honing and Joost Barten, I’ll run the “SAFe in begrijpelijke taal” courses.

Working Agile/ Scrum in the Business Intelligence & Analytics Domain As I have the most experience with BI & Analytic teams, I can dive into special topics like “How to do succesfull Refinements?”, “How to create small but valuable User Stories” or “How to use DevOps in a BI Unit?”

Product Owner training

Agile Workshops for (senior) Management (1 day)
It is always possible to customize the Training to your needs in your organization, please contact me to explore these possibilities.